The Confederazione Internazionale di Architettura Curativa (C.I.A.C.)
organizes and endorses

Psychoanalysis of Architecture
for an architecture of Beauty, Harmony, Health and Well-being

two days of full immersion in wonderful Ortigia of Siracusa
opening lectures and schedules online soon

SDS of Siracusa (Universita’ degli Studi di Catania)
Piazza Federico II di Svezia

October 24th-25th 2019

I Ortigia Master School of Curativa Architecture: October 11th-12th 2018

The James Hillman Institute, to actualize the goals and purposes for which it was created—the welcoming, care and development of the ideal and cultural inheritance of James Hillman and “Archetypal Psychology”, the operational instrument of archetypal analysis in Architecture and the diverse fields of lived experience—announces the launching of the first Training School for “Curative Architecture”

The School, formulated on intensive didactic programs of two (or max three) days of training, is directed both to students of the School (faculty) of Architecture of the University of Catania – SDS of Siracusa, and, as an open reality, to anyone with a graduate degree and/or are coming from the diverse paths of academia and life, intending to acquire the foundations and tools for an architecture that cures and offers
Health, Harmony and Well-being

For this reason, the School proposes itself as a path of SelfPhilosophy, inspired by the Delphi oracle to “Know Thyself”, able to facilitate the emergence of those nuclei of knowing, fundamental for the healing of Soul—from the consciousness of elements, in their symbolic meaning, to the psychology of forms, materials, colors, numbers, until the discovery and recognition of the genius loci and its diverse languages—capable of satisfying the needs of living in places, contexts and structures ever more harmonious, satisfying, and healthful

Seminar Leaders
Prof. Dott. Daniele Cardelli , Prof. Carlo Truppi

Registration, access and Participation is Free

Upon completion of the training the School awards a college certificate

During the unfolding of the training the School will host internationally renowned lecturers and experts, focusing on the theme of “Architecture as cure, architecture that cures”

Registration, Information and Contact
Tel. 055.0191066 –