Festival of Archetypal Psychoanalysis

As the first of its kind, the festival comes into being exactly at Ortigia of Siracusa, in the land and Region par excellence of myths, in Sicily, and in the city of the great mathematician Archimedes, the only one in Magna Grecia that witnessed the presence of Plato for as many as three times over a period of almost thirty years

Our initiative seeks to pay homage to the fundamental significance of myths as archetypal dramas for understanding life, in all its mysteries, secret language, and profound pathways—and exactly on this intuition even psychoanalysis, and not by chance, found a basis—inspired by that Self Philosophy, allowing us to grasp the “Anima of the world and in the world” and encouraging us to engage in that “Soulmaking” Hillman incites us to do, capable of making us re-think the various fields and patterns of lived experience, planning and constructing in a way that is more harmonious and responsive to the human being, to his or her constitutional essence, the environment where he or she lives;

a specific section of the Festival will therefore be dedicated to the theme
Myths, archetypes and symbols in architecture”

in collaboration with SDS di Architettura di Siracusa
Universita’ degli Studi di Catania

The Festival, idea and directed by Daniele Cardelli. is part of

First Edition Program of the Festival
Online soon

Examples of Myth-Therapy