E The International Master on Soul Studies (Master School) is a focused didactic program, with college lecturers and professors and experts who are internationally renowned and formulated in two different programs: a) years program Master School in Soul Studies ; b) one year programs c) intensive coursework, seminars, and group meetings both in Italian and English spoken languages (whenever courses are in English, Italian translation is provided)

Intensive Program: Duration, Frequency, Certification
Each pathway lasts for one, two or a maximum of three days (from Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Sunday, a weekend of soul studies with one or more lecturers) to allow anyone interested in participating to do so. Each single lesson, meeting or seminar lasts at least two to four hours. The Master Schools are conducted as frequently as three or four times each year, in Florence (Italy), and plans are being made to hold them in other cities (Travelling Master School) with programs inspired by the following two orientations: “Soul in the world” and “Soul and the sacred”
Upon completion of the program a certificate will be awarded to participants

Pathway Structure and Didactic Methodology of Meetings
The didactic methodology offered, considering the level of learning and the general small size of the group (except in particular cases), is mainly in seminar format, with discussions on chosen subjects introduced by the lecturer; through the dialectical-inclusive approach all participants are invited and encouraged to intervene

Disciplinary Areas
Didactics are formulated by drawing from four disciplinary fields of study:
Spiritual Studies, Theology, Religion
Mythological Studies, Ethnoanthropology, Social Sciences, Depht Psychology

one year programs calendar
on Tuesday, 6-8 p:m