Our educational program is dedicated to knowing and exploring the Soul to study its diverse philosophical conceptions and visions, spanning from ancient times until today, its functional dynamics and profound motifs, by way of disciplinary fields that have been engaged with it since the beginning of time, Philosophy, Theology and only much more recently Depth Psychology, by taking those pathways—the pathways of Soul—which lead to knowing the Self, of Man and of Gods, Goddesses, Ideas

Our Masters on Soul Studies are original educational pathways, innovative, short-term, affordable and feasible; they can serve both as personal, professional or permanent training pathways for depth work, and, all together, as a complete training program for becoming a “Philosopher Analyst” (with the third pillar being our brief Masters with individual and small group meetings)

While operating as a School for training diverse professional figures engaged with knowing, counselling, and healing the Soul (Philosophers, Analysts, Therapists, Counsellors), we offer, along with a theoretical orientation freed from the mere objectives of professional training, propaedeutic and preparative didactics serving for the pathways of priestly ordination of all religious creeds, recognizing the peculiarities of the object of study, the Soul, in its transdisciplinary nature, permeating and animating all working practices and all human (and nonhuman) activities

Know Thyself” Delphi Oracle